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Thursday, February 24, 2005

large dicks

How this little adventure started was another fight with my Fianc. You know, his long hours of working too granny suck cock and not wanting to go out. Well, I was pissed off, and left the apartment to blow off some steam. After driving for awhile, it was time to find a place to party. But where to go? I curved cock pics not make think of a place. Then an idea hit me, the radio DJ was looking for the twentieth caller. That would be the ticket for me. I would stop at the twentieth place to have some fun.

Great idea, I was proud of myself, now for the bad news. I was now in the seedier side of town, strip joints and so free pictures of gay men with huge dicks So, just my luck the twentieth place was an adult video store, the ones with the little video booths in the back. Okay, I boys naked cock a little curious. Since I did not specify how long I would spend in this, the "twentieth" place. I decided to at least watch one video, then go someplace else.

At the video store I looked at a few videos and magazines and I was getting a little nervous, so off I went towards the back where the booths were. Naturally there were guys how big is harry potters dick all around the booths. I went around the corner and found a booth where pictures of thick cocks guy was gawking and went in. I put big cock sex for woman tokens in the machine and starting flipping through the movies. There were lots of gay movies but I kept flipping till I found one with an exotic couple going at it, and dumped in a bunch of tokens.

Surprisingly it was not long before I was turned on, no make that I'm on Big Penis Picturse fire with desire. I let my fingers do some roaming. Then I heard the door in the next booth open and close and the movie machine in it start up. Since I was alone, it was time to be a little daring, big dirty cocks soon I had my top and bra off, and shortly I was fondling my naked tits.

I am not sure why, but I had a strange feeling, and discovered to my surprise a hole jamie jacques has a small penis the large dicks wall. There was an eye looking right at me. I was scared, till I heard huge black cocks in tight little pussies someone say.

"Don't worry, I am just watching," and I sighed "oh god I can't believe I'm doing this."

Then I slipped my hand down into my skirt and to my panties I was completely drenched, soaked all over even on my legs.

Then I looked again and saw the guy's arm coming through the hole.

A voice whispered "Just let me feel your breasts, it'll turn you on."

Without free big cock gay men thought I stepped over and squatted down just enough so the guy's hand landed on my chest, and he quickly felt around and found my tits and started squeezing and pinching amature porn penis photos nipples. "ah...ah..." I cocks thumbnails

My, that did feel good, not sure why I huge dicks gay it, but I took off my skirt and panties. I was completely naked now and started large dicks my pussy as the guy felt my breasts one at a time. I was so surprised, I've never felt this wet, just drenched and it was all over my hand now. Then I noticed that the arm was going lower, feeling my stomach and reaching lower trying to get to my pussy.

I backed away and find of jenna of jenna jameson sucking cock erotic penis castration sex stories think that's enough for you."

He said "It's only a hand, who cares."

For some reason that did make sense to me. I straightened up and moved toward the hole a little, the hand still trying to find its way. I moved a little more and then fucking a big cock heard him groan.

"Ah god..." . I said.

I looked between my legs and saw the mystery hand on my recently shaved pussy, rubbing back and forth gently. Like little shots of electricity shot through me as his fingers rubbed me the right way.

Then I moaned louder "Oh wow..."

The movie that was jamaican men penis size on the screen, long forgotten with this new sensation. I felt and saw his fingers inside my pussy moving in and out. Suddenly I lost my balance and fell over backwards. When I recovered no hand showed through the hole.

"Dang he's gone...and I was almost going to cum." I said out load to no one in particular.

I looked again at the little hole and saw part of a face, the monster gay cocks cumshots protruding big cock cartoons the hole.

I said "he's not gone."

Then cocks hard dicks sex heard his voice say "let me lick you, please."

"Lick me doggie style!" I said, thinking what a slut I was!

Before he could answer I moved my ass so my pussy would move up to the hole. cock, big cock pushed my naked ass firmly right up to the wall. Then I moved a dick hard core video bit to big black dicks links my pussy in just the right place. I felt his tongue dance over my pussy. I started moaning woman sucking a dogs cock pictures

"Oh! ummm, fuck me"I said, his tongue was good . "Mmmmm fuck me"was all I could large dicks over and over.

I hoped the movie machine was loud enough to cover my moans. I knew I was gonna cum very soon. I was so hot and wanted to cum so bad, then the licking stopped. Damn, I thought, not now. I kept moving my ass back and forth to get some kind of friction to finish lesbian dildo sex me off, now that my mysterious playmate had left me. Had I been able to think, I would have opened the door to the booth, and pulled in the first guy that I saw.

Suddenly large penis groups let out a little screech and another loud moan. Then I breathed a few deep breaths and said "incredible" But I didn't move off the wall. Why you may ask? I gasped louder than ever and announced to the world,

"Ah yeah!!! He's in me!! Annnn it feels so good...!"

Next thing that I knew I was moving ass in little circles against the wall. I gasped

"oh god I'm cumming...ah...ah...god, fuck!..."

Then I start moving my ass a little off the wall and slamming back against the penis size comparison photos as I was enjoying being natives with erect penis so much. After several minutes I came as I was so excited,

I said "I'm cumming...oh yeah I'm cumming..." Forgetting where I was at.

I just dick sucking movie clips moving and put my head straight down to the floor and held still. Sometime during my fuck the movie had stopped. I heard the guy moan and the wall shake, then just silence. My pussy still up against the wall, and I felt his cock slowly withdraw, no doubt with cum dripping all over the wall and floor, and I still wouldn't move, caught up in the moment.

I gathered my senses and slowly stood back up. I needed a deep kiss right now, and to tell him it was great. I looked back at the hole, and he was gone, so I just put on my clothes haphazardly and left the booth, as many gawked at me on the way out. Needless to say I want to do this again.